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February 16, 2007
Stephen Weeks
(912) 596-6016

Test results reveal PureSpectrum Technology exceeds Energy Star requirements for Color Rendering Index

SAVANNAH, GA – Light produced by PureSpectrum Technology really lights up a room. Recent test results performed by CSA International in Alpharetta, Ga., confirmed that a T-4 fluorescent lamp prototype built with PureSpectrum Technology exceeds Energy Star minimum requirements for Color Rendering Index (CRI). Testing has also proved that the same prototype exceeds Energy Star requirements for energy efficiency by more than 30 percent. CRI measures how accurately an artificial light source displays colors and is determined by comparing the appearance of a colored object under an artificial light source to its appearance under incandescent light. A CRI score of 80 earns Energy Star approval and is a preferred threshold for lights used in a home. The average measurement for three tests performed on the PureSpectrum T-4 prototype was 84.64, while the high score for the three tests was 84.79. “This is another objective verification of the impact and PureSpectrum Technology can have in the lighting industry,” said PureSpectrum, Inc. president and CEO Lee Vanatta. “There are important health benefits and quality of life benefits associated with a high color rendering index score. The Department of Energy sets high standards for Energy Star approval, and to exceed those standards is extremely encouraging for this technology.”

PureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) currently owns the rights to 13 patents and patent applications related to an innovative electronic ballast technology which produces a purified waveform during the transfer of electric current that reduces disharmony and promotes energy efficiency. In addition to increasing energy efficiency, bulbs using the PureSpectrum ballast design create a cleaner, whiter light which closely emulates the properties of natural sunlight.

PureSpectrum Technology creates a perfect waveform by significantly minimizing power line distortion and reducing total harmonic distortion. By decreasing phase displacement and reducing harmonic content, more electricity is channeled directly into a device’s functionality. As a result of this alteration in the mechanics of the lighting device, the amount of unproductive reactive power is reduced. The company does not intend to manufacturer light bulbs but is seeking to generate revenue by licensing this patented technology to existing lighting manufacturers.
Energy Star is a joint program between the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy which establishes guidelines for energy efficiency and quality in a wide range of categories. CSA International labs are accredited by both the National Volunteer Laboratory Accreditation Program and the U.S. Department of Energy. To view test results for the T-4 prototype built with PureSpectrum Technology, please visit www.purespectrumlighting.com or contact PureSpectrum at (912) 961-4980 or at [email protected].



PureSpectrum (Pink Sheets: PSPM) is a publicly traded technology company founded and  headquartered in Savannah, Ga. The company’s values are grounded in an awareness of the increasing urgency to identify more efficient energy solutions. PureSpectrum currently holds multiple patents and patents pending which describe the creation of a more energy efficient electronic ballast design. While marketing the technology globally, the company is also in the process of filing additional patent applications. PureSpectrum will continue its commitment to researching and developing ideas that will produce the most energy efficient, cost effective methods for powering artificial light. For more information on PureSpectrum, please call (912) 961-4980 or visit www.purespectrumlighting.com.

Certain statements contained in this news release regarding matters that are not historical facts may be forward-looking statements. Because such forward-looking statements include risks and uncertainties, actual results may differ materially from those expressed in or implied by such forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially include, but are not limited to, uncertainties pertaining to continued market acceptance for PureSpectrum's products and services, its ability to succeed in growing revenue, the effect of new competitors in its market, integration of acquired businesses, and other risk factors identified from time to time by PureSpectrum.

Please call (912) 961-4980 or visit www.purespectrumlighting.com for more information about PureSpectrum.

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