Seeing is believing

The fruits of PureSpectrum’s market driven approach to technology development can be seen in the advances made in the rapidly expanding scope of the applications for the company’s technologies. PureSpectrum’s patented and patent-pending technologies represent a breakthrough in power conversion circuitry that has the potential to accelerate the evolution and acceptance of fluorescent lighitng. Through superior electronics within the ballast design, PureSpectrum’s technologies enable enhanced functionality in ballast driven lighting applications that have not ever been possible before, including true dimming capability and high Power Factor for CFLs. The end result these groundbreaking advances will be the creation of the lighting applications that will illuminate our world for decades to come.

The base science for PureSpectrum’s technology is patented circuitry designs that create a perfect waveform by significantly minimizing power line distortion and reducing total harmonic distortion. By minimizing phase displacement and reducing harmonic content, electricity is more fluently channeled directly into a device, eliminating unnecessary heat generation and promoting increased efficiency.  From that starting point, PureSpectrum’s engineering team has broadened the technology’s applicability to include multiple features and benefits across various types of fluorescent lighting applications. Specifically, branches from the original technology have been developed which address energy efficiency in linear fluorescents as well as dimming capability, light quality, color quality and ignition and illumination delays in CFL bulbs. By examining lighting technology from a fresh perspective, PureSpectrum has been able to introduce previously unattainable performance standards for ballast driven lighting applications.