Environmentally friendly lumen delivery

It’s no secret that there is a global hunt for energy conservation strategies, and PureSpectrum’s technologies could play a leading role in the lighting industry’s efforts to conform to new energy efficiency standards while also continuing to satisfy consumers. The ultimate solution for saving energy and preserving the planet’s resources is for consumers to begin using products which are environmentally friendly, but the catch is those products must perform well enough to gain consumer loyalty.

The U.S. Department of Energy found that lighting accounts for nearly 25% of the total electricity generated in the United States, and legislation continues to be proposed and passed which will ban the incandescent bulb in the very near future. Because lighting represents such a large portion of the total energy consumption, the DOE has made identifying and developing more energy efficient lighting technologies a top priority.

One of the most easily applied tactics proposed for saving energy while using artificial lighting is for consumers to begin buying energy efficient lighting products such as Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) to replace energy hungry incandescent light bulbs. Most developed nations have either passed or drafted legislation to outlaw incandescent bulbs within the next few years, and the CFL is the most likely successor as a household staple to fill empty sockets left behind by discarded incandescents. According to projections made by energy conservation groups, if every home in the US installed just four compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, we would save the same amount of electricity that’s produced by the six largest nuclear power plants in the world. Just one CFL bulb during the course of its long, energy-efficient life can save a consumer between $40-$50 in utility costs. That same CFL bulb will save 630 pounds of coal from being burned or 51 gallons of oil. It will also prevent 1072 pounds of CO-2, 7.8 pounds of acid rain and 4.1 pounds of smog from going into the atmosphere.

PureSpectrum’s mission is to explore technological advances that will encourage consumers and end users to feel more comfortable purchasing energy efficient lighting products. People have been bombarded with the message that energy conservation strategies must be adopte in order to save the world. But until now there has not been an admission that there might be an adjustment period for new products in homes, businesses and other places where artificial light has become a convenience that is taken for granted. Through superior electronics and smart business principles, PureSpectrum Technology is easing the transition to green lighting.  

PureSpectrum, Inc. is an environmentally conscientious company grounded on the belief that there are smarter and greener ways to provide creature comforts. The company is also aware of recent reports on global warming and the urgency created by those reports. PureSpectrum will continue striving to be a part of the solution by researching and developing ideas that will produce the most energy efficient, cost effective methods to deliver artificial light.