A clear view of the lighting industry

As the global energy crisis escalates and conservation becomes more critical, lighting has surged to the forefront of the energy efficiency movement. PureSpectrum, Inc. is examining and questioning the way light is delivered in order to introduce solutions that can be implemented immediately and remain relevant in the future. 

PureSpectrum is an environmentally conscientious public company headquartered in Savannah, Georgia that has positioned itself as an emerging leader in the race to introduce products and technologies that will serve as the cornerstones lighting evolution in the marketplace. PureSpectrum’s values and mission are grounded in an awareness of the depletion of the world’s energy resources and the need for fresh perspectives to provide viable solutions. A reduction in energy usage in lighting is essential to any effective conservation strategy, and PureSpectrum’s is dedicated to introducing energy efficient lighting products that will satisfy consumers and preserve the planet.

Through extensive global market research, PureSpectrum identified the most pressing challenges being faced by the lighting industry and is addressing the cost, performance and functionality criticisms with innovative products and technologies that give consumers options. By recognizing the current and anticipating future needs of consumers, PureSpectrum’s product lines are both timely and evergreen.  

The company is constantly involved in research and development, stretching boundaries to find the products, technologies and ideas that will improve the way artificial light is delivered.