Dimmable CFLs

Necessity is the mother of invention. While trying to test its innovative dimming ballast circuitry for CFLs, PureSpectrum’s advance technology team discovered that there was not a commercially available dimmer designed to be compatible with dimmable CFLs. PureSpectrum has developed and filed a patent application for the first lighting control device built to operate a dimmable CFL. In independent testing, PureSpectrum’s proprietary dimmable CFL dimmed achieved linear regressive dimming exactly like an incandescent when dimmed with PureSpectrum’s dimming device.

In the past, inferior functionality led to minimal market share and for dimmable CFLs, and dimming devices for dimmable CFLs were not a priority for lighting controls manufacturers. But with the passage of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 that will phase out incandescent bulbs by 2012, lighting an lighting controls manufacturers are scrambling to find solutions to replace the millions of dimmable bulbs in the United States. PureSpectrum’s engineering team recognized that PureSpectrum’s CFL dimming technology would not reach its full potential with existing dimming devices and created a dimmer that will dim a PureSpectrum CFL powered through the full range of brightness. While the two-wire dimmer is most compatible with a PureSpectrum CFL, it will also operate incandescent bulbs or conventional dimmable CFLs individually or in series just as well as existing dimmers.

Bundled together, PureSpectrum’s CFL dimming technology and dimming device are nothing less than the most important breakthrough ever for the advancement of dimmable CFLs.