Explanation of Patents

PureSpectrum, Inc. owns multiple patents, patents pending and patent applications related to the development and application of PureSpectrum Technology.

The original patents fall under the umbrella of a utility patent which describes the base science which is the building block for PureSpectrum’s technologies. The technology describes an enhanced ballast circuitry for ballast-driven artificial lighting applications, enabling power to be delivered to a lamp’s plasma more effectively than the methods used in existing products. The result of the simple adjustment in circuitry detailed in the patent is power being distributed differently from the energy source to the lamp. As technology advances have continued, PureSpectrum retained patent attorneys from Alston & Bird LLP, one of the largest and most respected intellectual property law firms in the United States.

As development has escalated and expanded, the company’s advance technology and engineering team has worked closely with patent attorneys to write and file additional patent applications protecting the most recent developments with the technology. Because of the global nature of the PureSpectrum’s technology breakthroughs, the company will secure international patent protection pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty and will seek specific intellectual property protection in China.

Patent Descriptions for PureSpectrum Technology’s base science from Google Patents: