Less wasted energy equals more efficient operation

Fluorescent and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting products are still driven by outdated technology. Lamps driven by ballasts using the prevalent technology suffer considerable power loss resulting from heat generated as power is converted to light the lamp.

PureSpectrum Technology’s proprietary circuit design conserves energy by more efficiently processing electric current from the power source through the ballast to the lamp. The unnecessary heat generated within the ballast components of conventional fluorescent and HID lamps leads to the production of wasted but still costly energy. But ballasts built with PureSpectrum Technology provide a pure soft switching environment that regulates the flow of current in direct correlation to the amount of power required to light the lamp. Increased efficiency is created through the use of very high frequency synchronous switching, leading to a constant waveform during power conversion and virtually eliminating heat losses. As a result of this alteration in the mechanics of the lighting device, the amount of unproductive power is reduced and more light is created from less energy.