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Did you know most people don’t know that all CFLs are not dimmable?

In fact, most people don’t know much about CFLs at all. They’ve heard some rumors, read a few newspaper or magazine headlines but they really don’t know the things they need to know in order to choose the right CFL for their needs. That’s why CFLs have gotten a bad reputation. People buy the cheapest CFL they can find, screw it in, come away disappointed with the bulb’s performance and vow never to buy another one.

Not all CFLs are created equal, but as the incandescent bulb is phased out during the next few years the CFL is the natural successor for those empty sockets and consumers need to know more in order to make educated buying decisions.

PureSpectrum’s CFL products aren’t incandescent bulbs, but these CFLs address many of the issues that frustrate consumers. Primarily, PureSpectrum’s bulbs are fully dimmable (from 100% to 20% of perceived light output) and feature instant illumination and instant brightness. As CFLs become more prevalent in residential and commercial use, dimming is quickly becoming a hot topic, because dimming is widely acknowledged as a gateway to increased energy efficiency through the use of lighting controls. With dependable dimmable CFLs, a home or an office can save energy exponentially through daylight harvesting, peak time scheduling, occupancy sensing and other energy saving lighting controls systems.

But a consumer can’t just walk into the local hardware store, throw any old brand name CFL in the buggy and expect pitch perfect performance. PureSpectrum believes in educating the consumer – we work with utility companies and we pledge to work retailers that carry our bulbs to provide information about the difference between CFLs and incandescent bulbs and the difference between high performance CFLs and lesser performing CFLs.

This Knowledge Center will be an organic page on our website that will provide answers to frequently asked consumer questions and links to websites which can provide additional knowledge about CFLs. Check out the pages on the menu on the left and check back for more pages and educational links.

PureSpectrum’s mission is to provide products with superior performance and also to truly embrace a consumer-driven philosophy for product development and delivery. The PureSpectrum advantage is our commitment to the consumer.