What does the future hold for PureSpectrum?
Because of the transitional period being experienced within the lighting industry, the future will be extremely exciting for PureSpectrum. The company’s already rapid growth and expansion will accelerate as our products continue to penetrate the marketplace. PureSpectrum will continue to refine and improve its product line while identifying additional applications and revenue streams. PureSpectrum’s mission will remain to researching and developing innovations in lighting that provide answers to questions facing the lighting industry. PureSpectrum is committed to identifying, cultivating, creating and implementing products and technologies that will satisfy the demand for cost effective, performance-driven energy efficient lighting solutions.

Why is dimming critical to greening the lighting industry?
The U.S. Department of Energy has identified dimming as one of the most important performance characteristics for the lighting industry to address as the country makes the transition from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient lighting. Reliable dimming for new lighting is a gateway to increased energy efficiency through advanced green lighting strategies such as daylight harvesting, motion sensing and occupancy sensing.

What is the significance of Power Factor?
Power Factor is a complicated ratio of active vs. reactive power which measures energy quality, and the global transition away from incandescent bulbs is going to bring Power Factor to light as an important purchasing factor for consumers during the next few years. Lighting is one of the primary energy consumers in residential settings, and because incandescent bulbs have a perfect Power Factor of 1.0 utility companies have never needed to closely monitor residential Power Factor. However, CFL bulbs are made with varying Power Factor ratings, and recent research in New Zealand indicates that a massive infusion of low Power Factor CFLs will cause utility companies to introduce expensive corrective mechanisms which consumers will ultimately be forced to pay for. PureSpectrum’s ballast technology for both standard and dimmable CFLs is built with high Power Factor correction – above .9 – to ensure that consumers who choose products powered by PureSpectrum technology are not punished by the hidden cost for Power Factor correction.

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