Dimmable CFLs

Just Like an Incandescent, Only Better

A lack of reliable dimming capability has been one of the most frequent consumer complaints about compact fluorescent bulbs and a major roadblock to consumers fully accepting the CFL as a dependable replacement to the traditional incandescent light bulb.

We listened to the consumer and crafted dimmable ballast technology that enables CFLs to truly dim without interruption just
like an incandescent bulb.

But dimming is just the beginning. PureSpectrum’s unique ballast design contains far fewer parts than conventional dimmable ballasts, resulting in superior performance and a long list of product advantages without any additional cost.

The electronics inside these CFLs address virtually every consumer concern about CFLs and enable our bulbs to perform better than anything currently on the market.

PureSpectrum CFLs - Features and Benefits

Truly, fully dimmable
Smoothly dims from 100 percent down to 20 percent perceived light output.

Turns on instantly and brightly
As a result of the rapid run-up delay time, bulbs reach full brightness immediately when turned on.

Linear regressive dimming 
Smooth dimming just like incandescent bulbs.

Linear regressive reduction in power consumption
Power consumption is reduced proportionally as lights are dimmed, saving energy and money.

High Power Factor
Consistently rated by independent testing at .90 or higher for Power Factor when fully illuminated.  

Long lasting
By eliminating electronic components in the ballast that traditionally have high failure rates, our CFLs offer a more dependable lifespan than most brand name CFLs.

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