August 20, 2009 - PureSpectrum, Inc. initiates sales process for dimmable products with Northeast distributors and retailers

August 20th, 2009

SAVANNAH, GAPureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) has begun conducting training sessions and attending sales calls with manufacturers’ representatives throughout the country at the same time members of the company’s engineering team are in China to finalize development of additional dimmable lighting products using PureSpectrum’s proprietary dimmable ballast technology.


PureSpectrum program sales manager Nicholas Peragine conducted sales training sessions with a large manufacturer representative group based in Pennsylvania last week and attended several introductory meetings with local and regional distributors as well as lighting retail showrooms. Peragine said the performance and price point for PureSpectrum’s 20-watt dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and the benefits offered by the company’s dimmable electronic ballast for linear fluorescent lamps generated verbal commitments to purchase PureSpectrum products from multiple distributors and outlets. The company is awaiting the completion of credit applications to begin processing initial orders.


Interest in the dimmable CFLs and projected sales volume was strong enough for the company to initiate a production run for 20-watt dimmable CFLs with PureSpectrum’s manufacturing partner in China. The company anticipates the production order to be filled immediately and inventory to be in the United States in September to fulfill orders placed in August. 


“Compared to what these distributors and showroom managers have seen from allegedly dimmable CFLs, the demonstration of our dimmable CFL elicited excitement and enthusiasm because there is a demand for the product that is currently not able to be met,” said Peragine, who has continued training sessions this week with a manufacturers representative group in Georgia that services multiple southeastern states. “When our discussions shifted toward the potential for PureSpectrum’s dimmable ballast for linear fluorescents, it was clear that these distributors and retailers envision a sizable market within their service area for the product. As we continue to introduce new dimmable products, we should expect increased order volume and interest from retailers and distributors in this region.”


Members of PureSpectrum’s engineering team arrived in China last week to facilitate manufacturing efforts with Chinese electrical manufacturer Arcata Electronic, Inc. for PureSpectrum’s dimmable ballast for linear fluorescent lighting and augment product development for additional dimmable CFL bulbs. Based on the current rate of progress and feedback received from potential purchasers, PureSpectrum president and CEO Lee Vanatta expects the company’s progress in sales and product development to continue through the end of the year.


“The company encountered some obstacles during the past three months which has caused a minor delay in our original schedule for sales and product development but we have met those challenges and our sales team has been able to establish relationships with distributors and retailers,” Vanatta said. “These relationships being in place will be critical as we continue to make progress toward completing work on a full suite of dimmable CFL products and launch the dimmable linear fluorescent ballasts. We are continuing to receive commitments to purchase and the demand for our products has increased. We feel it is reasonable to anticipate that we will be able to build on the momentum we have created and sales will be strong in all regions of the country as we continue to launch new products.”   


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