June 16, 2009 - PureSpectrum, Inc. multilevel sales program continues with utility trade shows and manufacturers’ representative agreement

June 17th, 2009

SAVANNAH, GAPureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) is continuing an aggressive, multilayered sales strategy which includes appearances this month at two important West Coast trade shows to sell directly to the utility industry and an agreement with a manufacturers’ representative to introduce PureSpectrum’s full product line into distribution channels reaching in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas. 


PureSpectrum is displaying its high performance dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) at this week’s American Public Power Association (APPA) National Conference and Public Power Expo in Salt Lake City and will also exhibit at the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Annual Convention/Expo in San Francisco later this month. In between the two shows, PureSpectrum sales program manager Jeff Smith has scheduled meetings with several major West Coast utility companies that have expressed interest in purchasing PureSpectrum’s unique dimmable CFLs for inclusion in subsidized giveaway programs intended to introduce consumers to energy efficient lighting alternatives.


“Utility companies purchase tens of millions of CFLs each year to supply their consumer programs, and our dimmable bulbs have received very positive feedback from large utility companies representing substantial purchasing power,” said PureSpectrum Vice President of Sales Garth Kullman. “We are in the sales cycle with multiple utility companies, and our appearance at these two trade shows will increase the exposure for our bulbs within these critical markets. The utility companies are the most vocal proponents of energy efficient lighting, and by purchasing our product they will in effect be endorsing the performance and reliability of our product to their millions of customers.” 


Earlier this month, PureSpectrum entered into a contract with Chinese electronics manufacturer Arcata Electronic, Inc. to manufacture the company’s dimmable electronic ballasts for linear fluorescent lighting fixtures, enabling the company to enter the multibillion retrofit and new install market for electronic dimmable ballasts addressable to linear fluorescent lighting. The company already has a manufacturers’ representative marketing the full product line throughout Canada, and this week PureSpectrum reached an agreement with a manufacturers’ representative to disseminate the company’s full product line through distribution channels reaching Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas. The manufacturers’ representative will market PureSpectrum’s full product line to electrical distributors, lighting distributors, lighting showrooms and other outlets in the northern Midwest.


Kullman said PureSpectrum is continuing to pursue engagements with manufacturers’ representatives prioritized by distribution to utility companies and product demand. Kullman said within the next few months PureSpectrum will have engaged manufacturers’ representatives to cover all areas of the North American lighting market.


A study conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy using 2005 data estimated that there were approximately 1.2 billion electronic ballasts installed in T8 and T12 linear fluorescent fixtures. PureSpectrum’s dimmable ballast offers the most cost effective method to retrofit existing linear fluorescent fixtures to be energy efficient and dimmable, and the performance and cost advantages presented by PureSpectrum’s unique ballast enables the company to become a fixture in the rapidly expanding linear fluorescent ballast market.


As the pressure on commercial entities to reduce to energy consumption has escalated, the importance of being able to dim linear fixtures in order to take advantage of green lighting strategies such as daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing has become more urgent. Considering the energy saving opportunities available through the adoption of dimmable ballasts, the size of the market for dimmable ballasts is expected to experience exponential growth during the next few years.


“Thus far, we have primarily addressed four-foot linear fluorescent fixtures, and we have learned that the opportunities within the global linear fluorescent market are extensive because our dimmable ballast technology addresses both performance and cost,” Kullman said. “Linear fluorescent lighting is the most prevalent light source in the world for commercial and industrial applications and according to the D.O.E. and industry experts, linear fluorescent lighting will continue to be the dominant lighting application for commercial and industrial usage for years to come. We have superior ballast technology which cost effectively improves the performance of linear fluorescent fixtures, and we are receiving nothing but genuine interest and positive feedback concerning our ballasts from the commercial lighting market.”


PureSpectrum will process manufacturing orders with Arcata based on sales orders, and the company expects to begin manufacturing dimmable ballasts addressable to linear fluorescent fixtures as soon as the fall. PureSpectrum’s patent pending dimmable ballast design contains substantially fewer parts than commercially available dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescent fixtures, enabling the company to market the high performance ballasts at a cost that is lower than brand name dimmable ballasts.


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