September 10, 2008 - PureSpectrum, Inc. files patent application for universal lighting control device

September 10th, 2008

SAVANNAH, GA – PureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) has continued to strengthen and expand its intellectual property portfolio by filing a patent application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a two-wire dimming device that is addressable and scalable for virtually any form of artificial lighting. 

For the past six months, PureSpectrum has used its fully scalable, two-wire dimming device to conduct independent testing on its own technologies, and the dimmer has also been used in testing performed within the engineering labs of some of the world’s largest lighting manufacturers. The dimmer has been proven to enable uninterrupted dimming for incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs, linear fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs and halogen bulbs with equal effectiveness.  

The company, which has engineered multiple breakthroughs in electronic ballast circuitry for fluorescent lighting during the past two years, recently filed to patent a dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) and is in the process of filing a patent application on a dimmable ballast for linear fluorescent lighting. PureSpectrum’s technology advances have elicited strong interest from several global lighting manufacturers, and the company is in the final stages of securing licensing agreements with lighting manufacturers regarding its technologies. 

Additionally, PureSpectrum president and CEO Lee Vanatta said the company has contracted with an independent engineering lab to build a full line of branded product prototypes and is also pursuing contract manufacturing agreements in order to accelerate the market arrival of certain products.  

“Our technology is on the verge of being globally implemented in a wide array of applications, and we know we must dutifully perform the due diligence necessary to protect our technology and our shareholders,” said PureSpectrum president and CEO Lee Vanatta. “Although our pace has accelerated within the past three months, we know that this company’s long term prosperity depends on creating impregnable protection for our intellectual property. We are excited about the prospects for our technologies, and we understand that there is an urgency attached to bringing the technologies to market as quickly as possible. But our most important task at this stage is to take the time and to thoroughly secure control over all of the technologies we have developed.”       

The lighting industry estimates that dimmable incandescent bulbs fill approximately five percent of residential sockets in the

United States, and fluorescent dimming has become increasingly popular during the past few years within the commercial and industrial lighting market as an energy conservation strategy. Fluorescent dimming enables the implementation of cost and energy saving tactics such as daylight harvesting, occupancy sensors and demand limiting, but the industry has been searching for technology solutions to address both performance and cost issues for dimming fluorescents.  

Despite the clear advantages associated with dimming fluorescent bulbs, there have been obstacles in the path of widespread adoption of both dimmable CFL bulbs and dimmable linear fluorescents. Circuitry and design limitations for lighting controls have restricted the popularity of dimmable CFL bulbs, and high per-unit costs for dimmable ballasts for linear fluorescents have retarded the use of dimmable linear fluorescents.  

But PureSpectrum’s innovative ballast design addresses the issues encountered in both residential and non-residential sectors. Unlike conventional electronic ballasts, the PureSpectrum ballast has a 3-watt floor which allows it to dim individual CFL bulbs in addition to being able to dim a series of bulbs. Furthermore, because the PureSpectrum ballast is a two-wire ballast, circuitry found in more prevalent three-wire ballasts used for linear fluorescent bulbs can be eliminated and the cost to manufacture lowered.   

“The interest we are receiving specifically related to the dimming functionality and manufacturability has served to accelerate our pace of development and implementation,” Vanatta said. “Our design for a dimming device has been tested with a multitude of lighting applications, and it has performed spectacularly with every application. The range of application for this lighting control device is almost limitless, and because of the universal nature of the technology it could have a substantial impact in several different sectors of the lighting market.”  

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ABOUT PURESPECTRUM PureSpectrum (Pink Sheets: PSPM) is a publicly traded technology company founded and headquartered in

Savannah, Ga. The company’s values are grounded in an awareness of the increasing urgency to identify more efficient energy solutions. PureSpectrum currently holds the rights to multiple patents and patent applications related to an electronic ballast design which would produce a soft switching environment during power conversion for artificial lighting. PureSpectrum will continue its commitment to researching, developing and refining ideas that will provide the most energy efficient, cost effective methods for powering artificial light. For more information on PureSpectrum, please call (912) 961-4980 or visit

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