May 26, 2010 - PureSpectrum receives commitment to purchase linear fluorescent fixtures from high rise building on Wall Street

May 26th, 2010

Initial order for step-dimming linear fluorescent lamps to be used as pilot in selected areas of building – other buildings testing ballasts for retrofits


SAVANNAH, GA – PureSpectrum, Inc. (OTCBB: PSRU) has received a commitment to purchase dimmable T8 fixtures from a multistory Wall Street building, and several other Manhattan buildings are currently testing the company’s step dimming ballast using motion sensors.


PureSpectrum expects to receive a purchase order for dimmable fixtures from the Wall Street building this week  and will deliver the initial order within four weeks after the purchase order is received. This initial fixture order will be installed in conjunction with motion sensors in the building’s mechanical room and will be used as a pilot program to determine whether step dimming would be effective in other areas of the building such as hallways, corridors and stairwells.


“Through our relationship with our distributor in Manhattan, we have been able to deliver our step dimming products to several buildings in the city and they are all in various stages of the installation and testing process,” said PureSpectrum program sales manager Nick Peragine, who manages the Company’s  commercial sales in New York. “We have primarily been asked to provide quotes for retrofitting existing linear fluorescent lighting fixtures with our step dimming ballast, but in this case the customer prefers to replace existing lamps with step dimming fixtures and optimize potential energy efficiency gains through the use of motions sensors as well.”


The company has fulfilled initial product orders for testing for five other high rise buildings in New York that have begun installing and testing the step dimming ballasts with existing linear fluorescent fixtures. Peragine said he and the company’s distributor in New York are communicating frequently with facilities managers and building owners to solicit feedback. Most of the tests have recently completed the installation phase, which Peragine said is an important determinant of cost effectiveness for many facilities managers.


“The facilities managers have already indicated that step dimming would be effective in their building and they are all aware of the substantial energy savings to be gained through dimming,” Peragine said. “The testing process is a critical step they will use to evaluate the full scope of return on investment from installation to operation. We are continuing to meet with new prospective customers, and the feedback we receive from these customers will be integral to our ability to streamline this process in order to accelerate the sales process and generate purchase orders.”   


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