March 17, 2009 - PureSpectrum, Inc. generating strong international interest in dimmable energy efficient lighting products

March 17th, 2009

SAVANNAH, GA – PureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) is receiving strong interest from lighting distributors throughout the world after exhibiting at the Middle East Electricity Exhibition and Conferences (MEEC) in Dubai in February.


PureSpectrum program sales manager Nicholas Peragine said the company is developing key  relationships with bulk lighting distributors in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia that are expressing interest in marketing and distributing PureSpectrum’s proprietary dimmable Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL). Through the distribution and marketing agreements being discussed, Peragine said there is the potential for PureSpectrum products to reach retail outlets in Asia, the Pacific Rim, Australia, Africa and throughout the Middle East.


“The international markets are a hotbed for energy efficient lighting products as they address both power consumption and power generation issues,” Peragine said. “At this point, we are doing our due diligence to meet performance standards in multiple countries and establish relationships with distributors who will provide long term viability in a particular region for our brand. In the markets we are investigating, we have found that both distributors and consumers are exasperated with poor quality energy efficient lighting products and are looking for affordable alternatives that will meet both efficiency and performance requirements. Furthermore, the markets are screaming for a dimmable product because right now one is not available.”


Sidsberry Pvt Ltd of Sri Lanka is a green products distributor that has requested exclusive rights to represent PureSpectrum in both Sri Lanka and the Maldives. The market for CFLs in Sri Lanka is highly competitive, but there is not a dimmable CFL product on the market despite high demand for dimmable products.   


Sidsberry CEO Sidsberry CEO Sidath Chandrasena believes consumer sales of PureSpectrum’s dimmable CFLs will be important but the product’s unique dimming capability will open untapped pathways to hotels, hospitals, government facilities and other commercial and industrial properties. 


“We believe PureSpectrum CFLs will differentiate themselves within the current marketplace as a technologically advanced green product, and bring PureSpectrum’s products into our markets gives our company the opportunity to introduce a energy efficient lighting solution to the masses while continuing to create awareness of the importance of saving energy and reducing carbon footprints,” Chandrasena said. “Sidsberry is a pioneer venture created to support state-of-the-art solutions based on emerging technologies to industry and consumers. We believe PureSpectrum has an affordable range of technologically advanced products as well as the commitment required to ignite the rapid proliferation and adoption of superior green technologies which reduce carbon fooprints an relieve strain on overstretched utilities.””


Earlier this year, PureSpectrum finalized a manufacturing agreement with a private lighting manufacturer in the United States to produce proprietary dimmable CFLs built with PureSpectrum’s patent pending electronic ballast design which enables linear regressive dimming and proportional energy usage reduction during dimming. The company is securing appropriate international intellectual property protection pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in anticipation of finalizing international product distribution agreements.


Call (912) 961-4980 for more information about PureSpectrum, Inc. or visit to see a short video featuring PureSpectrum’s dimming technology compared to commercially available dimmable CFL bulbs. Please contact Shareholder Development Group at (770) 518-3449 or [email protected] for investment information.





PureSpectrum, Inc. is a technology company founded and headquartered in Savannah, Ga., that has developed breakthrough patent-pending ballast and dimming technology for artificial lighting. The company’s mission stems from an awareness of the increasing urgency to encourage the adoption of energy efficient lighting solutions through superior performance. PureSpectrum continues its commitment to researching and developing technologies and products that satisfy consumer demand and meet energy conservation standards. For more information on PureSpectrum, please call (912) 961-4980 or visit


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