September 16, 2008 - PureSpectrum, Inc. will be sponsor and exhibitor at Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium in Atlanta

September 16th, 2008

SAVANNAH, GA – PureSpectrum, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PSPM) has agreed to be a sponsor and an exhibitor on November 5-6 at the 2008 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium in


The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium is a conference featuring the latest innovations and applications of energy efficient or green products and technologies. The presentations and speakers at this year’s event will be focused particularly on successful implementations, technology advancements, new products and services, market and opportunity trends and effective sustainability programs that will benefit industrial, manufacturing and facilities operations. 

During the past year, PureSpectrum has introduced several engineering breakthroughs in electronic ballast technology to improve the performance of fluorescent lighting in critical areas such as dimming and Power Factor. The company’s advances have attracted the attention of major lighting manufacturers, and PureSpectrum president and CEO Lee Vanatta said the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Symposium will be an opportunity to introduce the benefits of PureSpectrum’s technologies to a collection of world leaders in the quest for improved energy efficiency.   

“PureSpectrum’s family of technologies is on the verge of having a resounding impact on lighting industry, and this conference is an excellent opportunity to share our developments with relevant audiences who are seeking ways to enhance energy efficiency in all areas of their operations,” Vanatta said. “Our ballast technology provides substantial direct and indirect benefits toward the goal of improving energy conservation and usage, and as we continue to finalize licensing and manufacturing agreements we want to take advantage of every opportunity to educate potential future end users of products built with our technologies. By exhibiting at this conference alongside other groundbreaking green products and technologies, we are reaffirming PureSpectrum’s position at the forefront of the movement to green the lighting industry.”   

The conference will be attended primarily by sustainability managers, operators of renewable and alternative energy systems or programs as well as managers of energy efficiency and green programs for product development. The two-day event will be highlighted by presentations on corporate sustainability, green manufacturing practices, renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building practices and will include unique information on the most recent market trends and opportunities for “green technology” implementations.  

PureSpectrum announced itself as a leader in lighting innovation this year through its technology developments for electronic ballasts and its rigorous independent testing methodology for all of its technologies. The company’s ballast circuitry was created through a market-driven development model to specifically address performance areas identified during the company’s initial market research.  

The company’s proprietary ballast design incorporates true dimming capability and high Power Factor ratings for fluorescent lighting with minimum components and no loss of lamp life. And throughout the development process, PureSpectrum has supported all of its claims by commissioning thorough independent testing in order to guarantee performance.  

“In this transitional climate as the lighting industry searches for ways to improve its products, we knew from the beginning we would be competing with other technologies that purported to offer solutions for energy efficient lighting,” Vanatta said. “Our technology has been independently tested and evaluated by engineering teams from some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers. And because of our progressive approach to the completion of our technology development, we have the advantage of being certain that our technologies have already been proven to be viable and beneficial solutions for multiple lighting applications.”  

Please call (912) 961-4980 for more information about PureSpectrum, Inc. or visit to see a short video featuring PureSpectrum’s dimming technology compared to commercially available dimmable CFL bulbs. Please contact Shareholder Development Group at (770) 518-3449 or [email protected] for investment information.  


ABOUT PURESPECTRUM PureSpectrum (Pink Sheets: PSPM) is a publicly traded technology company founded and headquartered in

Savannah, Ga. The company’s values are grounded in an awareness of the increasing urgency to identify more efficient energy solutions. PureSpectrum currently holds the rights to multiple patents and patent applications related to an electronic ballast design which would produce a soft switching environment during power conversion for artificial lighting. PureSpectrum will continue its commitment to researching, developing and refining ideas that will provide the most energy efficient, cost effective methods for powering artificial light. For more information on PureSpectrum, please call (912) 961-4980 or visit

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